evelyn evelyn

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Evelyn, Evelyn,
Why do we bother to stay?
Why are you running away?
Don’t you feel like severing?
Everything’s just come together at last.
It’s broken, I don’t want to play.

We grew up closer than most.
Closer than anything, closer than anything.
Shared our bed and wore the same clothes.
Talked about everything, spoke about so many things.

What shall we wear tonight? What shall we eat today?
Can we go ice skating? But we just did that yesterday.
Should we be firemen? Can we be astronauts?
What if they find us? They’re not looking anyway.

Fill my glass, let’s drink a toast.
This is our birthday, so why are we weeping?
At your side, I feel like a ghost.
I wake up first, and I stare at you sleeping.

What shall we wear tonight? What shall we eat today?
Do you think I should marry him? But we just met him yesterday.
Should we be movie stars? Will we be millionaires?
I want to be famous. They're watching us anyway.

We grew up so very close.
A parasite needs a host.
I’m only trying to do what is best for us.
Well, I never asked for this, I never wanted this.
All that I want is some time to myself.
Looking in your eyes, I’m coming home.
Just get away from me, please just stop touching me.
You’re always trying to be somebody else.
Now I realize I’m not alone.
Well, you’re only scared of me.
But you never cared for me.
Why don’t you let me free?
‘Cause you’d never dare to be.
‘Cause you never listen, you’re always insisting.
(I’m just/just stop) reminiscing,
I feel something missing.
I just want (you here with me/my privacy),
God (can’t we just get along/won’t you leave me alone)?

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